Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A gift for a woman at church whose daughter had to return to Iraq for the third time. Her daughter is also a mama of a two year old little girl.
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dark Hour

Michelle, Kalena's sister, saw "Communion" and asked me to paint something for her.

Went online last night and ordered three books on drawing. I have one more painting in my head, then I am going to practice drawing!!

I had a real accident with the background, too. I made it look like an 80's spongepainted bedroom. So, to disquise it, I had to go much darker. Maybe like the dark hour of His abandonment for our sins?

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My friend, Kalena, asked if I would paint her something to replace a painting from her exhusband's family. It was going in her kitchen. All of a sudden, I realized I wanted to do a Catholic based painting for her. She is mother of my god-children and we all attend the same parish. I named this "Communion".

I switched to canvas. Aaahhhh, what a difference!!

This painting was when I began asking Gardenia for critique and help. Mostly what she does is make me feel a lot of hope!

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Paper is BAD!

I had a photo of Isabella on my laptop. Full of confidence from the reaction to my second painting, I began this one. Yech. I had bought very rough water color paper and hated how it drank up the paint and I couldn't build any texture. I couldn't even finish it. I guess Isabella like it!
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Now it is 2007!

What an inspiration! This is my teacup ShizTsu when she was five weeks old, sitting in her water bowl. The top painting was my first attempt since high school at painting.

A friend instructed me it was important to make the negative space "talk", so the above is painting number two!!!
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The Nineties

Twenty-two years later. . . I get the bug to draw. Bought a book and a pad and started trying. Wish now I had stuck with it.

High School

We used to live on a farm in Michigan. It had this lovely barn on it that was nearly 125 years old. My parents and I moved to North Carolina when I was fifteen. They had taken some pieces of the barn with them for sentiment sake. The knot in the wood fascinated me, so I turned it into the sun and gave this painting to my father. My mom was very impressed by it!
I loved my high school art teacher. I am just so sorry this is the only piece I have left from her exciting class. My dad loved ducks. Makes a girl feel good to have her parents frame her art!
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