Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Time

I really hated the Triple Braided Cord painting, so I painted this over it. I am going to call this "It's Time". A painting about the awakening of the soul.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Art Party

"On the Fence"
"Close to My Heart"

Paint party nights are so much fun. Found out Dot is a born artist. OMGosh, hers is amazing. But she will have to start her own paint blog!!

No, I am NOT jealous of her!!!!

Only of DayBreak!!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

lesson three

This was my mom's pewter compote!! And I did this while I was on the phone with DayBreak!! FUN!! And we are going to paint together!! Yeah!
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lesson two

This was lesson two on perspective. Maybe I need to get a little perspective and not be jealous of DayBreak's drawing talent!!! LOL!
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drawing lesson one

So I got a drawing book and here is lesson number one. Actually a client gave me this pitcher for a Christmas gift and the apples are wooden apples from my mom. This became sentimental in spite of myself!!
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i don't like pencil

So I am on the phone with DayBreak and she tells me my painting has inspired her to draw.

Errrrrr. I HATE drawing. Why did I feel so competitive and haul out my sketchbook and a drawing tutorial while we were still on the phone?? Thanks a lot!!
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

on my own

After painting "Lauren's Lamp" I realized I liked painting on a colored background, so I tried painting out of my head! Not much there, as you can see! Did the magenta background first and then just this explosion of color.

My god son said, "Ms Hattigrace, it looks like a cross between a tree and fireworks. Why don't you call it "Fire Tree"? Works for me!

Yesterday, we all went to god-daughters first ballet recital. She dances at a wonderful Christian Performing Arts school. From a photo her brother took of her onstage dancing, I am beginning "In His Steps".
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art party number threee

Oddly enough, for the third art party, Jade, Daybreak and I had been talking about the power of three. "If one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand and a triple braided cord is not easily broken."

Then I began thinking on Corinthians and the trilogy of Faith, Hope and Love.

The three of us had determined to pray through for a loved one, so the braided hair of our intercession.

I love the idea and really dislike the execution. It looks like a fourth grader painted it. But I still have it hanging because a big piece of my heart is in the concept! "Triple Braided Cord"
Totally disgusted with my first painting, our hostess handed me this piece of art paper and told me to do something else quick. She knew I needed a success. I was sitting on the floor, under the illumination of this lamp. This is "Lauren's Lamp".
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second art party

I paced up and down the quiet street of my friend's quaint neighborhood, listening to the heartbreak of Jade's having to say good bye to someone she really cared for. I did not try to fix her pain, just listen.

She has magnificent blue-green eyes and I wanted to do this painting, in honor of her grief.

It is called "Good bye".
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back to painting

My friend had an Art Party. I got a photo out of a mag and she instructed me to paint "purity". I used an entire orange pastel to draw it and a combination of acrylic and pastels to finish it. I actually really love this. It is the first thing I have done that I love.

And, it was beginner's "luck" because I have not done anything since that I really care for!
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