Saturday, December 13, 2008

Final Exam Project

Here we are, the final project of Drawing One class - a self portrait, adorned by "ribbons".

Oi. As though just staring at myself in front of a mirror was not enough, I had to add a ribbon to the mix!

So I found this wide, silky, gold lame beaded lovely in my sewing closet, tied it around my neck and started to draw! The ribbon is weak, I know.

Dot said I nailed my eyebrow and she helped me with my lips. God-children asked who the drawing was of! I love them. Then god-daughter said, "I knew it was you!!"

Fun that my hair is long enough to not be a silly, gawky length. I think I made my nose too long and my eyes too big. One a nightmare, the other a dream!

The joy and miracle is Teach wants to mentor me, one-on-one, next semester in portraits! I am so fortunate, blessed, happy!!

So funny that in the middle of showing this to god-son tonight, I dropped and broke my glasses. Thank God I had already ordered a backup pair Friday. Hope they get here fast. Please pray for my clients on Monday and Tuesday!! I never should have said I could cut hair with my eyes closed!! LOL!!

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The Preacherman said...

If I mail you a pic will you draw me sometime? I think you're brilliant babe!!!

Love to the family x

Got a mobiley call the other day and they said "It's TT". Nearly fell off my chair until I realised it was an Old Pretender (Tony Thornton) and not your TT!! said...

That is a great pic. I came from Gardenia's blog. Going through her blog roll and just seeing who I havent met in blogland yet but have been meaning to for a long while.

You people who can draw are lucky. I cant make a stick figure look good but I can crochet afghans.