Monday, September 8, 2008


Today's class was on foreshortening. We drew an axis at the angle of the bones. (Dead, dry bones laying out on the platform at nine a.m. Mmmmmm!)

Then we drew the front part of the bone. Hold up your vine charcoal an arms distance away and squint and "measure" the width of the front section of bone. Then use that measurement to check how many widths the length of the bone appears.

Measure the width of the front of the bone that you have drawn and then make it as long as above directions would dictate. Is that clear as mud?

I was okay on the first bone, hating it on the second. I kept telling my brain, this is like geometry, it is GOOD for my brain!! Was really happy when she switched to boots and shoes for the second drawing! (Cuz the bones kicked my butt!)

I have a hard time translating the value (dark and light) with compacted charcoal which she instructed us to use. It seems like I cannot find midtones with it.

I got to chitchat with our teacher. She has horses (drool)! No wonder she has such a gentle soul. A fellow animal lover! And she recognized my portfolio bag fabric (from my mother's collection) as houndstooth. I made my bag to save the $40-100 for a ready-made one after observing her handmade one.

Can't wait to get back to my painting I started at Art Party last night. I have to keep quiet about this one for a while!
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